Monday, May 30, 2011

I heart... asymmetrical stuff.

Every time I see an asymmetric, drapey piece of clothing, I stop in my tracks. There's just something so artfully whimsical about a tank top with a hem that dangles a tad longer on one side. A dress that is much longer in the back. It speaks to me...

So it was pretty darn awesome that I found a Cheap Monday skirt in Urban Outfitters that gave my heart a little squeeze. It was more awesome still, that it was the last friggin one, in my size, and had been in the store for so long, (and without a sales tag at that) that they had to give it a random price -oh, say... ten bucks?!- and sell it to your truly!

I wore it today with a striped, loose crop top from American Apparel, and my black patent Sam Edelman Gigi sandals. Needless to say, my bf liked my outfit ;)