Monday, February 27, 2012

Tie me up

I've always found bondage-inspired clothing to be an enticing mix of naughty and fun. The idea of showing bits of skin through criss-crossing fabric never gets old. Though it's still too cold to show much of anything right now, it's never too early to start looking for some fun pieces to wear on a night out or at the beach.

And it's good to know that you can find something on the tamer side...

Lolli Lovely Cakes Bikini - UO

To something a little more edgy.

One Teaspoon Eagles Shadow Bikini

And of course I can't talk about strappy evening wear without giving a nod to Herve Leger, but why even post a picture of one of his drool-worthy dresses when I can't afford ANY of them? Until then, I'll just dream of the day when I can pluck one off the rack to wear for a very special occasion... And try a few cute styles that are more wallet friendly.

Ellison Crossing Over Dress -

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