Monday, June 15, 2015

Shopping Hiatus

There's something so painful about not being able to shop - the withdrawal symptoms, the feeling that you're missing out on something - but then again, there's a very freeing aspect about it that I'm discovering: the hunt ceases to exist.

When you can't shop, the list of "must-have" items disappears, and you no longer entertain the notion of browsing website sales for the best deals. With this pressure alleviated, I find myself trying to re-work pieces of my wardrobe in fresh ways so that they don't feel stale. Of course, there are a few outfits that I will revisit because they're just so good - my loose-fitting, chartreuse crop top with one of my black maxi skirts - but that's to be expected.

Don't fix it if it ain't broken.

...But I definitely am up to the challenge of creating new outfits with my well-loved Summer pieces, especially since I haven't done a lot of shopping this season. I was more focused on replacing a couple pairs of my ancient sandals, so my clothes shopping kind of took a backseat this go round. (I did, however, find a couple of über-bright dresses that I am looking forward to breaking out soon.)

I often look to my favorite fashion blogs for inspiration when I feel stuck, but sometimes even THAT is too tempting to my wallet. Eventually, I end up looking at my old Instagram posts, because then at least I'm looking at clothes that I already own.

Hmm. This post seems a bit pointless now; my conclusion was basically that my best bet is to avoid outside sources when trying not to spend money on clothes. So that means locking myself in the house and reading a book, I suppose...