Friday, January 16, 2009

wtf am i doing?

gaaaaaaaaah... i'm so tired of homework, and group projects, and spending money on text books i barely use. i think i've got senioritis. but not really, because this is familiar to me. there's a comfort in the discomfort of being in school. it's predictable. it's safe. the truth is, i don't exactly know what the hell i'm doing after i graduate. i know i'm moving back home. i know i'm getting a job. but where? can someone tell me how i get from where i am to where i want to be? because i just don't know.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


don't ask me what's wrong;
i couldn't tell you.
for months i've been wandering around...
tidying up
picking up the shards of broken glass
til my fingers are lined with tiny, red cuts.
but it doesn't hurt.not nearly as much it used to...
i'm almost finished cleaning now
but some of the stains are harder to remove...
like the one of you kissing me at the stoplight
and the one where you told me you loved me is the stickiest;
it's taking a while to scrub that one away.
but i have no doubt that one day this place'll be spotless.
no more memories,
no more lies.
just me in my favorite chair,
without you.

first blog

testing one, two, three... testing.