Sunday, July 10, 2011

A New Chapter

So I'm finally getting my own place. Never mind that it is in my parents' basement; it will be renovated and will have my own entrance and I will be paying rent, so it will be MY place. Teehee! I'm so excited that I don't even care that my wallet will be much emptier. I already have a huge flatscreen tv, an entertainment center, and a dinette set, so now I'm starting to focus more on the decor. And it's going to be amazing.

I'm going for a natural, apothecary theme, so I've been looking for fun storage solutions, as well as quirky, organic-looking pieces to accent my bedroom and living room. So far I've found a couple things that I had to have and am waiting impatiently to brag about at my housewarming soiree...

One of these display domes (sans flower)... still don't know what I'm gonna put under it yet...! - UO

Laboratory Flower Vases - Urban Outfitters

White Window Wall Frame (clothespins + gridwork = genius) - Pier 1

Feel free to toss ideas my way. Where to shop? DIY decorating tips?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Meet my new bag

Yes indeed. I went a little crazy (ok, a lot crazy) and got an Alexander Wang bag.

But in my defense,

a.) I neeeeeeeded a grey bag because grey is my comfort color of choice. While many say, "Hmmm... I wonder if they have this in black?" when they pick up a tee or skirt or whathaveyou, I ask if they have it in GREY.

b.) I had to have silver hardware. (I am super matchy matchy with jewelry metals/purse hardware). I dunno why Marc Jacobs insisted upon using gold hardware on 85% of his bags, and thus, I was led astray... and into Mr. Wang's arms.

c.) I have been in love with this bag for MONTHSSSSSS.

d.) I didn't pay full retail. And yes, it was brand new, tags attached, dustbag ncluded. Thank you, eBay :)
e.) You only live once. And I want to live with this bag in my got-dayum hand... kthanksbye! (Let's just call it an early birthday present, shall we?)

I'm already planning fall outfits with it; I feel at peace knowing I can wear this bag with every frikkin thing; it can be dressed up or down.

Monday, May 30, 2011

I heart... asymmetrical stuff.

Every time I see an asymmetric, drapey piece of clothing, I stop in my tracks. There's just something so artfully whimsical about a tank top with a hem that dangles a tad longer on one side. A dress that is much longer in the back. It speaks to me...

So it was pretty darn awesome that I found a Cheap Monday skirt in Urban Outfitters that gave my heart a little squeeze. It was more awesome still, that it was the last friggin one, in my size, and had been in the store for so long, (and without a sales tag at that) that they had to give it a random price -oh, say... ten bucks?!- and sell it to your truly!

I wore it today with a striped, loose crop top from American Apparel, and my black patent Sam Edelman Gigi sandals. Needless to say, my bf liked my outfit ;)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lite Brite

For the past few weeks I've been seeing brights pop up everywhere: in stores, online, in fashion magazines... And so, I have it programmed in my brain that I NEED some fun, punchy colors in my Spring wardrobe. Today at the mall I found a few things that definitely fed my hunger for the trend. I got a stretchy, pink mini (I'll wear it high-waisted with a neutral tank tucked into it), and an adorable orange clutch with a zipper that is the same hue as the skirt. I loved the clutch so much that I grabbed a kelly green one with a bright blue zipper as well. *Sigh!* Now to wait til it's warm enough to wear my little gems...

Skirt: Nordstrom. Clutch: Zara.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Procrastination Station

I am soooooooooo bad at keeping this thing updated. Methinks it's a combo of work + me spending my nights on the phone til late with S + pure laziness. Oh well. I will try to do better from now on, especially since I am wayyy excited about the weather warming up and me being able to wear all the delicious stuff I bought over the past couple weeks...

"Tophat" Flat Oxfords - Steve Madden (Long live menswear-inspired fashion!)

Dolman-sleeve mesh top, 525 Made in America (i LOVE open-knit sweaters)

Lavender nails... can't get much more Spring than that!

(This shade is called L Esprit.)

Friday, March 4, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Now that I'm a working girl with a job in the corporate world, i have to be more discerning when I go shopping. Every time I pick something up, I ask myself, "Can I wear this to work?" If the answer is no, the piece I'm buying has to be really cute, and fairly cheap. All things considered, I still buy some pieces just for fun ;) Below are a few pieces I expect to live in when the weather warms up... Add a cup of Iceberry fro-yo topped with strawberries, mix well and enjoy! My SM gladiator sandals (Steve Madden shown) Aviators in a hot color (Marc by Marc Jacobs shown) A bright, slinky maxi dress or two... (Arden B. shown)

What are your favorite looks/trends for Spring?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I never...

I never thought I'd buy a pair of harem pants. Untillllll... yesterday. I found the cutest pair in Forever 21 and couldn't put them down! They have a vertical zipper going down each cuff. Plus I figured I could dress them up a bit and wear them to work, lol so why not give them a try?


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Sunday, February 27, 2011

I just wanna fly...

Lately I've been really into Native American-inspired accessories: feather earrings, suede fringey bags, turquoise accents. I got my fix today at some vintage stores not far from where I live; one was packed with all kinds of handmade jewelry, international art, and random odds and ends. I picked up a gorgeous dreamcatcher, a crystal pendant, and a fringed pouch necklace, as well as some jewelry making supplies. I can't wait to wear lots of asymmetrical tunics and breezy sundresses this spring, paired with natural, Boho inspired accessories... Long live Pocahontas!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jewelry Fetish

Welp... My procrasti- nation has led to this. A half-a$$ed post about my unending love of all things cold and metallic. Here are pics of some of my rings, and most of my necklaces (hung on the arms of my dresser's lamp). I've collected jewelry from Urban Outfitters, Aldo, random boutiques... and there's the occasional piece I fashioned myself.