Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What I Would Wear to NYFW

I've been obsessed with New York Fashion week since I knew it existed.

Not obsessed in that outward, obvious "Who What When Where Why?!?" way, but in a covert, eye-roll-worthy "I don't care but I really DO" way.

I guess cuz I'm never there.

Every year, fashionistas and fashionistos from the globe over converge upon NYC to observe the hottest fashion shows and brush elbows with designers, models, and the chicest of celebrities. And every year, I sigh wistfully while scrolling through my Instagram timeline, browsing womens magazine websites, and visiting fashion blogs as I watch peeps strut their stuff in some of the most inventive outfits they can muster.

Some people make it look easy, but let's face it: the gloves come off for fashion week. Even if you've made a habit of being invisible all year, fashion week is the one week where you want to be seen by the paparazzi.

So what if, for some crazy, amazing, random reason, I was invited to fashion week? What in the HELL would I wear? If you know me, you know I avoid heels like... like they hurt. Because they do. (Good thing sneakers are so in, right? Who cares; I've been wearing Converses for FOREVER...) So perhaps we should start with some awesome, comfortable shoes.

Let's do these haircalf ones, since I just got them from DSW a few weeks ago: 

Kenneth Cole Reaction Salt-N-Pepa Leopard Sport Flat

Then let's add a fun, sporty skirt in a luxe fabric, liiiiiike leather?

Warehouse Drawstring Leather Skirt
And a crisp, yet breezy top...

Equipment Sleeveless Blouse
And of course, a coordinating bag:

Coach Bleecker Toaster Satchel

Add some fun accessories - a hot pair of shades, a chunky curb chain necklace, some sparkly armcandy - and voila: an outfit worth photographing!