Saturday, June 11, 2011

Meet my new bag

Yes indeed. I went a little crazy (ok, a lot crazy) and got an Alexander Wang bag.

But in my defense,

a.) I neeeeeeeded a grey bag because grey is my comfort color of choice. While many say, "Hmmm... I wonder if they have this in black?" when they pick up a tee or skirt or whathaveyou, I ask if they have it in GREY.

b.) I had to have silver hardware. (I am super matchy matchy with jewelry metals/purse hardware). I dunno why Marc Jacobs insisted upon using gold hardware on 85% of his bags, and thus, I was led astray... and into Mr. Wang's arms.

c.) I have been in love with this bag for MONTHSSSSSS.

d.) I didn't pay full retail. And yes, it was brand new, tags attached, dustbag ncluded. Thank you, eBay :)
e.) You only live once. And I want to live with this bag in my got-dayum hand... kthanksbye! (Let's just call it an early birthday present, shall we?)

I'm already planning fall outfits with it; I feel at peace knowing I can wear this bag with every frikkin thing; it can be dressed up or down.