Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer's End

     As summer comes to a close, I find myself more and more obsessed with the image of me in an oversized sweater, leggings and ankle boots, trampling dead leaves as I frolic around the city.

     I actually don't even own a pair of ankle boots yet; I became inspired while browsing the blog of Courtney Trop. AlwaysJudging is her brainchild, and a beautiful brainchild it is. Courtney is a natural at putting together outfits that are the perfect combo of grunge, minimalistic, and chic, and her bag collection is to die for. She puts emphasis on go-to basics that are a little more luxe than the usual - silk button-up blouses, modal t-shirts - that you can wear repeatedly and incorporate in a variety of styles. She's also really sweet: I follow her on Ig and she is great about answering questions and recommending things. If you haven't checked her blog out, do!

     Anywho, back to Fall fashion ;) My most exciting purchase to date is a pair of Steve Madden Cinch ankle booties, which I bought in burgundy and are on their way to me now! I saw SM was having a 30% promo, plus free shipping and I couldn't pass them up. I love how versatile cut-out booties are; I've seen them paired with everything from skinny jeans to flouncy dresses. Can't wait to wear them!