Friday, June 5, 2009

Alas, I am a Marc Jacobs junkie

Am I the only one who drools over the handbag department at Nordstrom's? Am I the first to shed a tear when I spy a beautiful bag at Bloomy's? Ok, maybe I didn't drool or cry, but I do have a purse fetish. And Marc Jacobs doesn't help! Ever since I got his "Softy Jorie" bag last Christmas, I haven't been able to keep away from the man. (Mine is of the "Cranberry Fields" hue, and I haven't seen it on anyone else's arm since, thank heavens :) Anyway, the bag I have my eye on right now is the Marc by Marc Jacobs "Classic Q Baby Groovee Satchel." (I know; that's a mouthful.) It's the perfect size and the leather is so smooth and delectable... *sigh*

It has a detachable shoulder strap, and it's just the right size to hold my favorite wallet, sunglasses, and a water bottle or small cover-up. And at $348, it's definitely a little investment for a college graduate like myself, yet not a bank-breaker. Maybe i'll wait til it goes on sale. Maybe I won't. All I know is, I've gotta have it!

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