Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy New Year!

Oh wow... *brushes dust off of keyboard* It's been over a month. I've kind've been avoiding my laptop ever since I got my Ipod Touch for Christmas; I love being able to get on Facebook away from home! Next stop: Twitter?!?! I dunno... my friends are tryna convince me to get one and I just might...!

Anyway, life's been pretty good, can't complain. I've been working hard since the holiday season brought in beaucoup customers; i'm glad things are slowing down a bit though I still work like, every day. As far as shopping goes... I've been... trying, and failing (lol) to quit. I HAD to hit up the semi-annual Vicky's sale (in-store and online, lol), and I also bought a pair of jeweled glovelets (from Free People's website, not to mention music, a pair of jeggings, a New Year's outfit (we were staying at the Gaylord Natonal Hotel; had to look flyy), etc.... yikes. Yesterday I bought a plaid tunic for work @ A&F, as well as this adorable military-inspired cropped cardigan that they *gasp* only had one of in my store! How lucky is that? It happened to be a customer return (we don't even sell it at our store because it's kinda small compared to other Abercrombie & Fitches), but it was still new with tags attached so I considerd it to be fate and bought it! It's the one pictured... I'm wearing it now as I type, lol.

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