Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yeaaaaaaaah... so... I got a Twitter. Lol, I figured I might as well get one since I have tons of random thoughts throughout the day, and it would get kind of annoying for my FB friends if i kept coming up in their news feeds because I kept changing my status. I have to say... so far so good. Still haven't started tagging subjects because I really don't feel like logging into that hashtags websites and getting caught up in THAT, too. I mean, enough is enough, haha. I have a facebook, a blog, and a twitter.

In other news, I, for the first time EVER, have official Spring Break plans. I'm going to Miami! Bienvenido a Miami... (That Will Smith song has been stuck in my head since I bought my ticket on Sunday, lol!) Not going til March 9th but I'm SOOOOOooooo ready! Ok, so I'm not completely ready ready, but my mind is. Can't pack just yet, so I've resolved to make a list of things I want/need to buy for the trip. See below. I have pics for the starred items :D


-Bikini (preferably Vicky's Secret)

-Carry-on tote

-Beach towel

-Bikini Cover-up*
*starred* is pictured

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