Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Denim Dilemmas

I know I'm not on here much, (to the point where I don't even really consider myself a "blogger"... Doesn't that entail getting pursued by retailers to showcase your style and give your opinion?) but when I do write here, I make sure it's to talk about something that will be relevant for a good amount of time, at least to myself, if not to my readers.

And what's more ever-lastingly relevant in the fashion world than denim?!

Ever since they were conceived, way back when, jeans have been at the forefront of fashion, as far as classics are concerned. I doubt there's been any other garment that's been more reinvented, destroyed, reborn, or reworked than denim has. Jeans have a very no-nonsense back-story to them that keeps them as practical as they are cool: they were originally designed for cowboys and miners. As in, your average, everyday working man.

Fast-forward a few years, and jeans are still some of the most popular pants in closets all over the world.

Being a tall girl has made my search for great jeans particularly troublesome, despite the wide variety of price ranges and styles available on the market. During my my last years of elementary school and into junior high, my Mom used to sew wide ribbons onto the hems of my jeans so she wouldn't have to repeatedly replace good jeans every time I outgrew them. I was fine with the practice until I started being teased about my seemingly peculiar fashion statement.

Nowadays hems of all lengths are welcome, and if you wear skinnies, you're often only a cuff away from your perfect length.


Two of my Instagram outfit posts featuring a couple of my faves: Madewell destroyed boyfriend jeans and Free People high-waisted skinny jeans. Both pairs were under a hundred bucks. SCORE!

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